Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas Lights 2014

We only did 2 fun things total this year as far as Christmas celebrating goes... so this crap must be documented. #ahhmemories. We drove up to see the lights at Old Settlers. There was suppose to be a carnival but it go rained out. We let the kids hang out of the windows and the sun roof cause we are cool like that. And at the very end Derek said it was the best Christmas ever. Which is what I need to hear in order to continue attempting these types of family outings especially with a grumpy pre teenager who sucked all the fun out of my evening with his bad attitude. It worked out in the end cause I had him mop the front walkway tiles as a punishment and my house smelled of pine sol for a week. All is well in the Weeks household again.
(Grumpy teen sat in the back and wouldn't look at the lights)

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