Thursday, January 1, 2015


Boys started wrestling this Fall. They both took football season off and were pretty rowdy in the evenings. Wrestling has been wearing them out. Its very very hard for them. We were surprised to see how crazy good Derek was at it right out the gates. He is the baby in the family so I thought he might be a little sissy in the beginning but.. No! He started kicking butt and taking names. Dallin is always grumpy and hesitant to try new things. It stems from his need to please every one and he gets worried he wont be the best if its new to a sport. He picked up on it quickly as was getting really good at it. That is until he came home on Christmas Eve with a broken collar bone. (my kids always have the worst timing). He will take a month off to heal but we are going to join again next year. Its so good for them to learn how to use body weight and agility to move another person, and that concept will help them tackle better in football.

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