Thursday, January 1, 2015

Gingerbread Houses 2014

The month of December I started out happy with high hopes. This is a good type of mood to be in to tackle gingerbread house making. Cause by the end of it I was exhausted and didn't want to do anything else for Christmas. The kids are getting better at it. They have more patience and fine motor skills to actually make it look similar to a house. They still eat 90% of the candy. Which is 10% down from last year. However they like to put each others houses down when they get frustrated cause a gum drop (or two) falls off. I was impressed with Addie's ability to take her frozen obsession and find everything blue or white in the assortment of candy for a perfect Elsa house. Dallin got up on his own and made hot cocoa for every one. He was very funny making jokes and making fun of my lack or patience to take the edge off. Georgia didn't get up on the buffet and eat the houses this year so they stayed on display for a couple of weeks. Who knows what next year's Ginger bread extravaganza will be like. But the future is bright!

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