Sunday, October 5, 2014

Addi turns 10

Yes ADDi she decided this year that she wants to drop the "e" off the end of her name cause she is a tom boy. Her tom boy stage has really gotten worse. I thought it was almost over but I found myself back to school shopping in the boys section with her. She also wanted a basketball and a basketball hoop for her bedroom door. I have actually done really well at coping with this. Right before summer I gave up on trying to have their rooms look like they should be in a design magazine and let them buy posters and pic out whatever bedding they want. This drastically reduced the ugly looks I usually get from Addi every morning. She is still very smart, independent, strong willed. These things will never change. She is obsessive over Elsa. I mean just go follow her on instagram. She wants to be Elsa for Halloween and finding the costume has been a nightmare. I think she is a lot like Elsa. She is mean to her sister. lol. Fact. And she doesn't see the need for prince charmings...etc. Happy 10th Birthday Mrs. AddI. For her birthday Annette picked up Peyton in OK and flew down to help us celebrate. It made her feel extra special.

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