Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Be Normal

I am trying to find my camera to see if I have some pics to blog about the 4th but I need to keep looking so I will get back to you.
Todays Be Normal topic is Punctuality
Ok here goes.....
Be punctual.! If anything try to be 5-10 min early. I grew up in a home where being on time was top priority. Any time you are late to something its like spitting in some one’s face. Its very inconsiderate. I have four kids now and its often hard to rush out the door and be early. So I know its not always bad intentions when some one is late. But if you find that it has happened to you more often than not you need to give yourself an extra 30 min on top of how much time you already alloted. If you are anywhere from 30 min to and hour late well then you should be put in jail. Where you share a 6ftx10ft cell with 10 other people and you have to decide to hold your pee and risk a bladder infection or go on the community toilet in front of every one (with some possible transvestites watching). Cause your that big of a jackass. I kid you not.
If your divorced, have a problem child, can’t get a promotion at work or any other slew of lives setbacks and can’t figure out why. Think of the last time you were late to something and there is your answer. Your basically so selfish that anything you say comes across as arrogant and egotistical. Once you realize that your time is never more important than any one else's you will see how self serving you were. It really is that simple. Grow up. As a professional its almost impossible to be successful and not be punctual.
The military could not function if this was not essential to every part of their day. Think about how many lives are at stake if they make one error and consider that the weight of the world is on their shoulders. Yet you can justify being late? Who do you think you are?
One time we had invited my sister in law over for dinner in my home and she was nearly a full two hours late. After and hour I decided to feed my family and put away the food in the fridge. Not one phone call mind you. She shows up and has the nerve to make a face and comment that we ate without her. At this point why don't you just take a dump on my front doorstep. "well cause I am not a pig". O really? could have fooled me.

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Rachel said...

If there is one thing in the realm of Camille that I've learned its this. She's the first one to most ward/ group activities and can get their whole family to church on time. Maybe sans shoes but there nontheless. Thanks for the lesson, however maybe you're the one who is not normal, you're just considerate. Normal=late, Considerate=on time.