Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Diamond Backs

Last Night the whole family got to go to the baseball game. Andrew goes all the time and sits in the PWC suite but I have always been prego or can't find a sitter so I havn't been yet. This time I did get to go and though I was worried my kids would be crazy and all the single people would not know how to treat them it turned out fine. They come around with this dessert cart that has every thing you can think of and I got the best chocolate cake ever! Dallin is becoming a huge fan of the diamond backs but I think he is so hyped up on candy and coke he is misunderstanding the high he gets when he is there. All in all I hope the kids had fun.

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Matt and Jamie Broderick said...

I am glad to see it is possible to go to a D-Backs game with kids. I really want to go see one but the fear of dealing with 3 kids might keep me permanently homebound.