Monday, August 18, 2008


This time 3 years ago was my big car accident. It was exactly on Dallin's birthday. Poor kid. He really remembered most of what he saw and it took him year to get over it. I don't remember anything of the accident. The night before we were all packed and ready to drive to Phoenix. Andrew had a friend kind of linger extra late that evening to say good bye. Its was so late in fact that we looked around at the empty apartment and didn't have the energy to get a hotel. So we slept on the floor with no blankets or pillows. Addie and Dallin didn't like it and would continually fuss through the night. I remember getting up to sooth them several times. The next day we headed out very early. Andrew in the CRV with Dallin and me in the Land Rover with Addie. I do remember stopping a couple of hours outside of Phoenix and telling Andrew I was very tired and didn't think I could make it. He felt like we were so close and it was midday that it would be a waste to get a hotel.
After that I remember nothing. My sister Annette flew out as soon as she heard I was in the hospital and she says my hair was matted with branches and blood and it was sticking straight up.
My head was split open like you would peel an orange and had to be pieced back together I was bald on top in front and the put hair implants in. For men that are thinking of doing this it works but the hair is very whispy and crinkled. I shattered the bones in my hand and had wires put in to hold the bones in place. Plus I had road rash every where. Addie was buckled in I wasn't. Somehow when the car flipped over so many times her legs ended up out of the sun roof. She broke her femer bone in one leg and the skin was rubbed down to her ankle bone on the other.
I can remember having to change the bandages and shaking as I changed them cause the sight of it made me want to pass out. The worst part was the body cast. Because she was so little and couldnt use the bathroom we had to stuff a diaper up into an opening and the put a depends diaper around the outside to hold it up into the opening. But after a while of some urine and other things leaking onto the lining of he cast the smell became awful.
I had to go to rehab for my hand every Friday. The pins would get cold and it was painful when they were so they would dip my hand in boiling wax to heat the pins and make them more pliable. Its hot enough that it feels like your burning your hand. It was so painful to even try to pick up a bead or pencil. I had moments where I didnt care if I could never use it again I was in so much pain. When I would get home they would put my hand in this sling then tie my finger to my palm. That hurt so bad and I would have to leave it like that for hours a day. The day they took the staples out of my head was bad. Its feel just like if I stapled your head and then take them back out with needle nose pliers. Yup Ouch!!
Everything is fine now. Addie hates her scar on her ankle and cant wear most shoes as they will rub at the scar and hurt her. But Andrew sued me/our insurance company on her behalf. And this week the money went into the bank. She got 30,000 and its in a high yielding savings account that she can access at the age of 18. I am happy for her but worry she might just buy a BMW and some expensive jeans or a 4,000.00 purse. I will worry about that then. For now Happy anniversary.

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