Thursday, August 7, 2008


My mom sent Addie a little "TEXAS" outfit and she loves it! It is fitting for her personality. Obnoxious. It looks like she is going to rope a bail of hay for the talent portion in the local Belle of the South child beauty pageant. And lets face it any one that puts there kid in a beauty pageant is trash. Like I was saying before some things are just ghetto and you cant do it. The truth is kids do love that kind of stuff but its hard because I remember being a kid and my mom let me dress my self. I didn't realize how other kids would perceive me and kids can be cruel. Thats why I stay clear of Disney clothing unless its pajamas or dress up clothes. Never did Whinny the Pooh. And only download Hanna Montana songs and buy maybe the jewelry but no every day wear. If your not sure you can always go to your local state fair or 6 flags or any other theme park that brings in the low life stinky sweaty scums who smoke and talk to their children like I wouldn't talk to a dog and you will notice that they have outfitted all the cousins in the same thing and its usually in the items listed above.
Its cool though I have done many ghetto things in my time. But for the most part I steer clear of it so my kids can just be the "normal" one at school.
For Christmas I bought Addie a Dora Jog suit cause she asked Santa for it. I let Dallin have Transformer shoes this year. I usually do generic. And I let Addie go to the child care at the gym and many other places in this get up cause she loves it. I can also wipe my hands clean of it cause I didn't buy it Grandma did. And Grandma loves to make Addie Happy.
The best part is there is a giant Bow sewn to the back of the skirt just above the sequence ruffle. Giant!

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Lynsee said...

I know how you feel. Briggs went through a huge cowboy phase. It lasted about 4 years and he's finally growing out of it. Little boys look really cute in wranglers and all, but the cuteness wears off when they're continuing to wear them in junior high. I'm just glad he's over it and I don't have to worry about that problem.