Friday, August 22, 2008

Dallins Birthday

Happy 6th Birthday my little turtle.
I am so excited for him. Every time we go to Target and we hear his list of things he wants from the toy section we say "wait for your birthday". I know he is glad it finally came. We are having a swimming party for him cause I couldnt think of anything better and then a family night at chucky cheese.
Dallin was my cutest baby by far. Never have I had one that cute again. He is such a sweetheart and good guy. He is almost never in time out. I cant believe he can read! Not that the teachers suck but its shocking when they can just do something out of the blue. He loves his dad to death. And is such a hottie (i think). He turns 6 this Sunday. We didn't do digital back when he was born but here is what I could grab from the computer.

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