Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Boys will be Boys

I never got to see how boys play growing up. My brother was the only boy and though he did torture us he was gone allot playing sports. So when moms would tell me "you know how boys are" I kinda didn't know. Now that I have two of my own it basically means they wrestle and fight ALL THE TIME. At any given time during the day one of them can simply touch the other one and they will go into full on wrestle mode. It always ends with some one getting hurt but you learn to ignore the crying cause its a never ending day to day sort of thing. I even thought maybe with my boys being so far apart in age it would be more of a big brother loving and showing the little guy how to do things sort of mentor thing. Nope!
Here is a picture of the boys slapping each other with their shirts. The little one got caught in the eye and I played the don't come crying to me card so he ended up finding sun glasses so they could continue to inflict pain on one another for a couple more hours. HATE HATE HATE IT!!

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