Monday, September 12, 2011

Football 2011

This is game 2 for the season and its not the best year for Dallin so far. Not because he isn't playing well but because of coaching. That's been the hardest part of youth sports. Dallin is playing amazing and doing well. He is limited on what positions he can play and not being developed the way I would like. I don't think we should care as much about winning for young kids as much as we do about developing them in multiple positions. But not every one sees things the same way. I am so over worrying about it. I know what potential Dallin has. I see it and I believe in him. These young teams he is on are just stepping stones and no matter what we will make the best out of the season. I am so proud of him. I have always felt from the day he was born we were blessed with a child that has incredible talent. Its no mistake that my dad is his grandfather and though I feel inadequate to be his mom I will always fight hard for him and NEVER let any one slow him down. That's my promise to you BIG D! You were born for this you have loved it since you were little and you WILL go far.

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