Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Parenting 101

Addie lost her first tooth. I want this to be a lesson for my little sis and others on how important it is to plan ahead. I remember nursing and thinking I have plenty of time to think about what they will get when they loose a tooth from the tooth fairy and just soaking up how cute my babies chubby fingers were. A couple days later I get knocked up side the head with a ton of bricks cause that baby now has lost his tooth. The first time we were so excited his aunt, grandparents and us shelled out cash like Donald Trump only to realize when he lost his second tooth like 8 hours later that we all couldn't afford this lifestyle and maybe he just gets a toy. 2 hours after that around midnight I am exhausted and he looses his third tooth so the idea of going to the store fades into a coupon for a toy from the tooth fairy that can be redeemed when I have more free time. (i am being kind of dramatic with the timing of all this to make a point) (if you didn't catch onto that already well then this is going to be a rough life for you). The only problem with the coupon idea is home boy handed it to the cashier like it was cash and the look of confusion on this pimple faced teenager was priceless. And now child number two lost her tooth but we didn't make copies of the coupon we originally used with Dallin so consistency is out the window. I wish my kids were smarter and have picked up on how inconsistent this whole process has been and announce they know the tooth fairy doesn't exist so I can bag this whole charade but no luck there. Parenting tip for all you beginners is plan what you will do regarding the tooth fairy as soon as you pee on the stick and it comes back positive!! They will loose their teeth at the most inoppurtune times and suck all the fun out of it if you don't have your A game on.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Camille John and I will sit down and figure this one out. Cause lord knows he and I will hve very diffrent views on this.

Tricia Lee Riggio said...

miss ya camille!!! I always loooove seeing what you have to write!