Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dallin's Swim Party

Each kid that came to the party got their own water gun. How cool is that??

This is a fun game we played where they have to wait on the side of the pool till I say go and dive for money. the winner gets a prize but every one is a winner cause they all get to keep what money they gathered. Go ahead folks and write these ideas down. I don't mind if you use them. Cause thats how generous we are in Texas.

Dallin and his friend Oliver had a dual party. They were in the same class at elementary school, same sunday school class, and same football team so rather that make their friends pick which party to go to we did it together.

The matches got wet at the pool party. Imagine that. So we let their friends all squirt them in the face with their guns once we were done with the birthday song. (you can use this idea too its so clever and cute I just can't take it)

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