Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Derek has the best laugh

I love that Derek is happy most all the time. He loves to laugh and almost any one can get him to laugh. But its so peculiar how he does it. Its like he starts the laugh and it sounds like any normal baby but then he holds it out for a long time. Its just funny who knows what his personality will be like in the future but right now I love how he adds his little bit of Koo Koo to our family bowl of cocoa puffs. Addie still pretends to be a horse. The other day I was making the beds in the morning and she told me that the horse wanted to help so she proceded to push the trundle bed back under with her head just like a horse would. I couldn't believe it. I usually put my back against the wall and shove with my legs its that hard to push in. Dallin plays baseball and any thing else outside with his swim goggles on he never takes them off he really likes them I guess? And Olivia skips literally every where she goes. She never has a normal walking stride. She is always skipping (even into time out). And now we have a weird little giggler.

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