Friday, May 30, 2008

Bye Bye Birdys

A month ago I went outside to take my kids for a walk and this bird came flying out of my flower pot and went nutty. She was flying around up in my entry area so fast that she would fly up hit the ceiling, loose a few feathers, then fly back and forth, run into the wall, hit the wall so hard she fell to the ground half unconscious and then would fly up again and do the whole thing over. Freak me out.! The funny thing was that my kids were on the ground pretty much doing the same thing the bird was. They were so scared. For weeks they would not go out the front door.
Come to find out she had laid her eggs in my flower pot. I called these bird people in the phone book and they said she would more than likely attack any one that comes near her nest and if the babies hatch and she smells a human scent on them she will kill them. I need my kids witnessing mass murder like I need a hole in the head. So I said well come on out and move her nest and they told me it would be $150 at least. Are you kidding me. I havnt bought a cute pair of pajamas in years and I am suppose to spend this much money on some dumb bird. I felt so bad having to kill the babies. At the same time I didnt want people to come to my door and get attacked. I have a video clip of her flying out of the pot. Imagine if you come to my front door and this bird comes flying out like that. Cant have it folks. So I disposed of the eggs while she was out. Problem solved. Now a month later like a slut she is back and working on her second family. Damnit! All you animal rights activist out there can make voodoo dolls named Camille and stick pins in it. Or have a funeral for the little ones at home and you can even name them if you would like. Truth be told I am backed up on laundry and spend so much time counting calories to loose baby weight I cant deal with this. Say bye bye to the birdys. The eggs are going in the trash tonight. If she comes back again its war!

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