Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nail Polish Mystery

This afternoon Addie asked me to touch up her nails because when she was swimming some of the nail polish got scratched off. I told her no because I had a poopy diaper to change and dinner to make and she would just have to wait. Then I find the nail polish bottle with pink stuff all over the lid and so I asked if any one knew who got into the nail polish. All three kids could tell I was very upset an they looked overwhelmed hoping that they could help me catch the bandit. Addie was the most helpful. She took me through where it was last and then we walked to where I had found it and then she said "it looks like Olivia did it". I thanked her for the help and then asked Olivia if she did it. She looked clueless and was in despair cause she thought it might mean an early bed time for her and Addie assured me that early bed time plus a time out would be a good enough punishment cause she is "just a baby" after all. I dug deep and still didnt feel strongly enough that Olivia had done it. So I beg all of you to help me solve this mystery. I have no idea who could have done such a fowl act and I desperately need to discipline the right culprit. Above are pictures of the two accused on the left is a picture of Addies hands and on the right are Olivia's I am simply stumped.


Shayla said...

I love kid's brains!!! Good luck solving that mystery by the way ; )

The Albertsen Family said...

Did I just tell you about a blog I saw with that same kind of pink nail polish all over the bed sheets. Naughty naughty!