Monday, May 30, 2011

Mothers Day

Oooops I forgot to post for mothers day. I don't know why but this year the kids didn't bring home much from school. Usually they make something really cute and creative and bring it home to me. I guess with budget cuts this year teachers didn't feel like doing much and were slacking BIG TIME! O well. The kids still pulled through. They got together with Andrew and decided to make me breakfast. I was already awake and had to wait in my room forever. Oh my gosh I must be ADD (attention deficit disorder) cause I was so bored and every second felt like a life time. Plus I could hear the kids fighting and could smell things burning so I was dying to go downstairs and help. But everything turned out ok and it was yummy. The kids were so hungry they ate half of it. But no worries. I hate Mothers Day cause I feel like a bad mom most of the time and I don't want praise or recognition for things I would do come hell or high water. My kids are smart and talented and I really feel like it has nothing to do with me. Sure I can take Addie to piano practice but she is the one playing and learning. Every time I go to one of Dallin's practices I see where he has gotten better at sports and that all him too. Olivia is really funny. I do encourage fun times but at her age she is busting out some hilarious jokes that not even Jerry Seinfeld's kids could think of. And of course Derek still has a knack for finding dangerous situations and I for sure didn't encourage that behavior. (my new goal for his life expectancy is 6 yrs old) Plus my kids have made me grow and be responsible. I am friendly and smile at people I HATE! and don't have road rage and drive careful so I don't embarrass them any more than I have to. Overall its kind of a lame holiday. Not something I look forward to. I couldn't justify a big purchase on behalf of myself for such and occasion so I shared my breakfast in bed and secretly thanked god for my chubby little babies.

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