Saturday, May 28, 2011

The beach a week later

True story. So we drive down to Corpus and we get to the beach and every one is beyond excited and we set up and start acting all dumb like we havn't seen the ocean in years and Dallin dives in and the baby start jumping in the waves and the next thing I know Dallin comes over to me and tells me his arm hurts and its all red and I am freakin out cause I think he got stung by a jelly fish but he is so calm and normal I am not sure. A couple of min later Derek starts screaming like he had his arm amputated and I know for sure he got stung. I try to act like I am busy helping by running to the car and realize I have no idea why I went to the car. So to make myself look helpful while andrew holds Derek I grab an empty cup out of the cup holder and run back to them. I tell Andrew we have to pee on it and every one gives me look but duh! every one knows you have to pee on it. So I have Dallin hold up a towel and I pull the crotch of my swim bottoms to the side and fill up the cup (that I now have from going to the that worked in my favor). With in seconds of me pouring the urine on Derek's arm he stops crying and calms down. Dallin walks over and taps my shoulder and says his arm still hurts can I pee for him. No worries! I whip it out again and preform like a champ. And I would do the same for you! Andrew went out in the water and said it was full of jelly fish. Other people on the beach said they all had the same problem. I guess its jelly fish season or something cause we were just at this same beach a week ago. Andrew had fun catching them. I have a pic of one he caught. Even after they are dead they can still sting you. We found that out when I had to pee for a complete stranger later on (kidding). Stay Hydrated people cause you never know when your urine will come in handy. Lucky for all these people mine smells like strawberries snap!

see how stressed they are that I made them stand near the water to take a pic.

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