Friday, December 7, 2007


Last year for Christmas the kids got so many presents that they didnt really seem to care about half of them. In fact some of them they havnt even played with once. Now that I have as many kids as some small daycares I cant seem to get out very often to the park without it being feeding time for the baby or nap time for Olivia. So we wanted to use all the money family members send for something better and that will get used more than all those toys. We decided to get a rainbow playset. We tried to keep it in parts on our rv pad and hide it but the kids found it in no time so we set it up early. They love it! and we are so thankful to the family members that gave money for christmas this year that went towards buying it.
We reseeded the grass and the areas that we put fertalized dirt down grew well and the others didnt . Next year for sure we will use the dirt every where.

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