Monday, December 10, 2007


Addie had a dance recital on the 8th. She did a tap dance to frosty the snow man. It was really cute. She wasnt perfect but thats what makes it so cute. All the little girls were out of sink and all clumsy. She was so proud of herself and was sooooo excited that dad was watching in the audience. Her sister would practice with her at home and does the whole dance by herself its real cute. We ordered pizza and cinamon sticks for her and then Andrew and i headed off to the PWC party. We had just enough time to eat dinner and dessert then head back home to feed the baby. Any way it was a fun night for all of us. Her last dance class is this monday and they are having a little party. I am still not sure if i will sign her up this next season cause it was crazy trying ot get her there with the new baby and my 18 month old who wont hold still to get dressed.
I will keep every one posted though.

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