Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas Eve

We had big plans on Christmas eve. We wanted to have a big family dinner, then tell the the story of baby Jesus with a little nativity as a visual aid, and then each open one gift that we got for each other. But the kids were crazy. At dinner Dallin kept telling every one to be completly quiet cause he could hear the hoofs of reindeer stomping on a roof top. He would name our neighbors one by one claiming that Santa was at their house right now. He told us he needed to get to bed asap because if he didnt Santa would skip his house. Its like 5:30 at this point. So we tried to go through the story of baby Jesus and all that and again they were anxious to get to bed. Of corse the other two go along with anything the older sibling is saying. So we kind of gave up and went to open one present. They were so excited and crazy we could not contain them.
At 3:30 am I went to the kitchen to get a drink after feeding the baby and Dallin came in to inform me that Santa had come. We made him go back to sleep. The girls werent awake and if we woke them up then we would have some whiny grumpy little girls for Christmas day. I doubt he went back to sleep but we didnt start opening things till 7. Dallin helped all of us open faster cause he really thought we needed it.

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Jed & Rachel said...

Christmas has to be more fun with someone like Dallin who really beleaves in Santa and the whole thing. I think it's wonderful.