Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Olivia Got.

Olivia got one of those old school cash registers. I remember playing with them as a kid. And a little dog on a leash that she can pull around. Our kids got that big nice swing set from our family members and they love it. They go out there every day. So each of them only got a couple of presents on top of that. We had one year where they got so much stuff they werent interested in opening the presents still unwrapped under the tree. So this year was great. I feel like i have so many kids I am running a small day care and its worth it to have fun things like a swing set. I dont have the energy to go to the park any more. Any way she really loves it.
And yes i did cut her bangs myself. Its horrible i know. It was free, but now i am sure i will go to a professional next time. But good luck to who ever it is cause she would not hold still even with candy.

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Jed & Rachel said...

I love her haircut! I miss them so much.