Friday, January 18, 2008

Mr Brown Can Moo Can You???

I was reading the Dr. Seuss Mr. Brown can Moo book. And it was cute cause Livvy was participating. She usually cant sit still for half a page. This time she tried to make the noises. She is Andrew's favorite.
He hates it when I say that "Camille I love them all the same". But every one says that. Deep down they know they have a favorite. I wont lie right now Derek is my favorite. Andrew's Dad says the same thing but he totally had a thing for Heidi's daughter Aysha he would tell stories about her to us and just light up like a kid on Christmas morning. And now he has a thing for Kristy's son Owen. Its so obvious. So you all can lie but I am calling you out. Annette you know Addie is your favorite. I am not saying they dont love the other kids its just they have a favorite.
Any way I know he would really love to see this.
She really misses you "mommy" (daddy)

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