Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Addie Got

Its no secret that Addie LOVES! horses. She obsesses about them. She only colors horse pictures she wants only horse toys ect.. So I thougt it was so perfect that they came out with these Fur Real Friends. She really wanted one and it does not disappoint. He turns towards you when you enter the room and he whinnys and neighs when you pet him. He will move his head back and forward and make a clopping noise when you ride him and if he hasnt been stimulated in a while he will look for you and then turn off. She loves him soo much. She has him sleep by her bed with a matching blanket at night. I thought she would just forget about him and move on but she spends so much time in her room petting him and riding him.. Yesterday we were reading a book about dinosaurs that are happy,always crying, always mad, or always worried ect... Andrew asked the three kids sitting on the couch listening if they are ever worried like the dinosaur on the page he was currently reading and she piped up that she is very worried that Butterscotch (her horse) will just up and trot away one day and she wont get to play with him any more. A lesson to all of us to cherish each day we have with loved ones. She also got a doll house.

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Jed & Rachel said...

It's nice to see you're learning your lessons Odie!!! Amazing what you can learn from the ones you're supposed to be teaching.