Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy Derek is Ok

Annette is so into being an aunt that its as scary for her when things happen to my kids as it is for me. At work her friends all knew she was worried about Derek when he was dropped on his head and it was scary for the first 24 hours. He is officially in the clear. No brain damage. He still does not smile much, but we cant tell if its the noise of the other kids or the fact he thinks life sucks when your that young and have to go through that much pain. Either way Annette's friend sent a gift basket of sugar cookies to our home. Colleen Andrew's sister gave us one when Derek was born and the cookies were soooooo good that i hid a few of them in my closet and would eat them in secret. Anything you eat in the open is going to be shared with the kids so I had to keep it all on the down low. I am currently on a diet and it does not allow much sugar intake. However the basket is for Derek and how would he get to taste the cookies if I didnt eat them to come through in my breast milk. I had a whole lion and I am not sorry about it one bit. These cookies are sooo good. Tomorrow though I will go back to the diet.
Honestly I am so greatfull for all the prayers and well wishes. It means allot. I remember driving him to the Emergency Room and I couldn't stop crying. Luckily there were no red lights or big stops on the way. I probably would have gotten in an accident.
Thankyou Holly Martin

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