Friday, January 18, 2008

Big Plans for today

Today is my "day off". I have a big work out every other day. Today is a day i dont have one so we go on a long walk. I gave baby Derek a bath and got him in some warm clothes so he is ready for the walk. Dallin rides his bike, the girls ride in the stoller and I have Derek in a carrier straped to the front of me. We need some eggs from the grocery store so we will go after Derek's morning nap and then come home and watch tv. I might pass out on the couch during Dora. We wait for Dallin to come home and then we head out on our walk. After that its playdough time. Then dinner and thats about it. We have so much to do today it a wonder i had a chance to post this blog. Look how cute the little football sweat suit is on Derek. Uncle Phil bought it for him and its a shame they dont have any boys cause they pick such cute outfits for them to wear.
P.S. We still miss you Andrew!

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Jed & Rachel said...

I love the jogging suit. I put one on Nolan yesterday and he looked like a cholo, so Rachel made me take it off.