Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My first time "blogging"

Ok so I just got done talking to Laura and I guess I am the only person who doesnt blog. So I figured I would give it a try.

We are currently expecting our fourth baby very soon. He isnt due till Late Nov early Dec but I have been going into pre term labor and have been in the hospital taking some heavy medication. I feel like I could go to AA meetings after this. Dallin is in Kindergarten now and doing well. I had him riding the bus but some kid was being a bully to him and the other young kids so I am now taking him to school. Its not as easy but I dont have time to teach him how to throw a proper punch right now, so it is what it is. Addie is in tap, ballet, and tumbling. It keeps her busy cause she misses the cut off date for preschool so she needs some thing. My little one Olivia is very low to the ground. She has a different body type then her other siblings. And boy does she have some junk in the trunk. She is very busy copy cating her sister and hating wearing barrets in her hair. Who knows she might be a tom boy. She was born deaf and has had surgery on her ears. Right now is the time for her to start talking so we will see how it has affected her speach and if she is delayed soon. She wont be deaf but we will have to constantly keep seeing doctors to make sure its all working.

I dont have very recent pics the ones i do have are a couple months old but I will work on doing something more recent.
Wish me luck with this whole bloging thing.

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