Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spelling Bee and Multiplication Bee

Dallin participated in the school spelling bee and multiplication bee. He just came home one night and was like tomorrow is the multiplication bee and you can come watch me if you want. Wha???? Its crazy when he just jumps into things with no pushing or convincing from our end of things. There are tons of moms out there demanding that their kids get into gifted and talented programs and doing their child's science project so they can win, or they start teaching their kids to read at 3-4 years bragging about how smart their kid is. All of that over the top competative parenting doesn't really make a difference. Most teachers tell me that once they get into school the student will just excel at what they are best at ON THEIR OWN. If they are smart then they are, and no amount of over parenting can change that. I was so nervous for him. Watching him was painful and hard for me. I was worried if he failed it would shatter his self esteem. But it didnt! I can't imagine standing up there and being questioned in front of all your peers. But he was confident and did his best. He did really really well in the multiplication bee just busting out answers as fast as the problem was given to him. The spelling be he was anxious and jumped the gun on the word they gave him. It was except but he spelled accept quickly before they put it in a sentence. :( It eliminated him. He worked really hard to memorize all the words and if you quized him at home he could spell every single one. I am so impressed with him wanting to even try.... and bless his heart its hard to preform under that much pressure. And like I said he just did it without us asking him to or suggesting it to him. Cool Kid!!

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