Thursday, May 6, 2010


Andrew wanted to do a family home evening activity where we went down town to see the bats. Austin is famous for the bats that come out every night when the sun goes down. There are thousands and thousands of them. The only problem was it is well past the kids bed time when the sun goes down let alone getting them all in the car to drive them back home would put them another hour past their bed time. I guess I have become so structured and have so many routines set in place that my kids can not handle anything outside the norm. I need to adjust that a little especially with summer coming. We stopped to get ice cream and hang out before sun set and then headed over to the park. The thing about being downtown too is every thing is so darn expensive. The kids got a simple scoop on a cone for about 5 dollars each. Plus there were allot of couples that walked by and we were not sure which one was the guy and which one was the girl. But thats also what makes downtown fun too is it is eclectic and has a energy to it. I don't want people to think we have these perfect fun happy outings. Once we got to the park the kids all had to pee. For the girls this meant their dad had to hold up a blanket while I held onto their legs and got the splash on my feet. And then of course they were are melting down cause it was past bed time. Derek and Olivia get really hyper and they run around and giggle till they get dizzy when they are tired. Addie turns into a big cynic and will go off on me or Andrew about how we ruin her life and she wants the world to end cause she hates people and she hates stars and she thinks strawberry shortcake is too nice and on and on. But we did get to see the bats come out and that part was amazing. Andrew swears he got pooped on. It was a drop on condensation from under the bride but he was ranting and carrying on all disgusted. It was so funny. Drama! Then we all got in the car and made a bunch of empty threats to get them to fall asleep in their car seats. And that folks is what we call family fun!!!


Anonymous said...

i would just like to point out that while addie says she hates everyone, she tells me I'm the only person she likes in life.....and i agree strawberry shortcake is to nice.....annette

Moots Harlow said...

you have a nice family!!!!