Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dance Recital

The girls had a dance recital last night. I was so worried Olivia would not do anything but stand there and cry so I had many nights where I would work through if that did happen how I would react and what I would say to her. I had to practice in front of the mirror how to smile through the disappointment and get it to look genuine. But there was no need for that. Olivia Rocked it!!! She was so stinkin cute and confident that I had tears in my eyes. Both her and Addie had two dances to preform. One tap and one Ballet. Addie is very naturally confident so we knew she would shake it like no one else. But now Olivia has what it takes to steal the show. They were perfect and adorable and I am so proud of them. When I saw how big the audience was I doubt that I could have done what they did. I want to thank my sister Annette for paying for their dance classes and buying them gifts to wish them well. (i would take pics of the presents she got but one barbie is missing her top and we need to keep this blog G rated) And thanks to my parents and aunt Becka for coming out to cheer them on.


Spencer and Heather Riddle said...

You sure you're not pregnant? You cried at Olivia's dance recital and Addie's graduation. That's quite the emotional. ;)I love you Camille.

Camille Weeks said...

I had a tear in my eye at the recital and I wiped it away before it fell so "technically" i didn't cry :P. Your right though I need to get a handle on my emotions lately. I refuse to be in the same category as the other sappy moms out there! I am going to watch war movies all day and see if that helps.