Monday, June 3, 2013

Beach to Bay

Beach to Bay is the countries largest relay race. I skipped last year. Mainly cause I hate the women I used to run with. Boob jobs, tummy tucks and talking behind each others backs. I have learned to steer clear of insecure women. I have so many fun loving. inspiring friends at work its easier to just stay away from the drama. But one of the ladies I actually do really like asked me to join the relay team cause some one dropped out and I (reluctantly) agreed. I didn't go down with my team or stay with them in the hotel. This time I went down early and stayed at my sister's house. She was running with her work team too so we went to the race together. We had a blast that weekend. I got closer to my little niece Peyton. She would sit on my lap and play puzzles with me. She is hysterical. I love that nugget.

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