Monday, October 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

Well we decorated again for Halloween this year. I was not as anxious about getting all the stuff out this year. For one I feel like my house is never clean. With a cob web strewn across everything and every surface I like to keep uncluttered is now cluttered with a skull or spider it just irritates me. But then I saw how excited the kids get and remembered why I do it. Did I mention how often I get frightened by the life size witch and skeleton even though I have had them around for a couple of years I still go to get a glass of water at night and leak a little in pants before I realize its just our Halloween decor. The things I do for my kids!!

this picture says "come closer and closer" then it sticks its tongue out as his eye balls bugg out at the same time. The kids press the button on this puppy about Oh... a hundred times a day!

This is me reinacting how scared I get when I am caught off guard by the witch or skeleton. I swear my biggest talent is acting.


marissa noe said...

Oh, my kids wouldn't even enter your house. But it's because they are 3 and under. I took them into Halloween Express a few weeks ago to pick up a costumer for a friend and it was a BIG mistake. Love it though!

lisaallcoup said...

Absolutely adorable blog. Witch Halloween costume is really very scary. I liked it..

thanks for sharing