Monday, October 4, 2010

Our NEW dog

My little sis found this dog and tried her level headed best to find his owner. She has a baby on the way and the animal shelter was so full it was having to "put down" animals every other day. She asked if we would be able to take the dog and obviously after Dash we were hesitant (to say the least). Obviously!!! I feel the need to point out the obvious cause the kind of PETA lug heads in ethics class that read my blog don't catch on too quick. Any way.... Becka had the dog come visit and we tested how he would behave. Its a night and day difference. I mean I was chasing dash around multiple times a day trying to get him to come back home and he was biting the kids and on and on. It was so hard! This dog is sooo sweet and well behaved. To the point where you can walk him without a leash and he won't go more than a two feet ahead and come right back. With where I am in life right now its the perfect fit. And the kids love love love him too. We named him Reggie (stolen name from Rachel and Ryan). I guess Karma is a Bitch and she was so upset at how unfair some of the people were being when I got rid of Dash that she decided to send me the perfect dog! HA HA! I don't really believe in Karma. But I do find it odd that people like to hand out bad Karma when they disagree with another's choice as if they have some say in how it all works. Bottom line is I have loved so many pets in my life but I swear some animal lovers creep me out to the point where I think they would kill a human on behalf of a COW. In fact lots of research has indicated that people who are obsessive over animals are that way because they lack the skill set needed to be intimate with people close to them. Have you ever met the single 40 yr old lady with like 25 cats? Think about it. Bring on the comments!!

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Anonymous said...

He really is completely diffrent than Dash was even the kids were making comments about how much better Reggie is. Even Addie was able to walk him on his leash all by himself.

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