Friday, October 22, 2010

Boy Scouts

And so it is that my son wants to go to boy scouts every Wednesday. I was really hoping he would not want to do it and then I would just have one less thing to drive my kid to but no such luck. And now he is bugging me to build things and come up with projects etc... so he can pass off and get patches that then need to be sewn on (thank goodness for grandma). Last night the parents had to go. They had an activity where you plan out what you would do if there were a fire in your home. They even made us draw out our escape plan. The head mother lady/Den mother came up to us and was like "you guys have a two story house so you would need to use your fire escape ladder in this case" I told her we don't have one and she gave me this look like I was a pedophile. Seriously? can't we just tie sheets together or some thing? Better yet we have a trampoline. I will just throw the kids down onto it that would be way more fun. And if this granola chick were really on the ball she should have had Dallin make one with rope at one of his cub scout activities. How is this my problem?
After the activity he was awarded his Bob Cat badge and a soccer belt loop. Whatever all that means right? I had to go and paint war paint on his face. Each color represented something. And then he gave me a little tiny pin. Its a good thing they recognize the moms in this organization cause I was beginning to think its not worth it!

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Anonymous said...

Dallin looks so handsome in the top photo.

Aunt Becka