Sunday, June 12, 2011

Take a long long hard look.....

I want you to look long and hard at these pictures and then go back and look at them again cause I swear this is the last time I do this whole dance thing. Its was such a headache and for how much it all costs I am not too sure its worth it. I look at the older girls dancing and I just think is this what I can keep paying into and hope for? (chubby overly dramatic divas) I am open to new and different things but I also wonder about the skill set they are learning and how it helps them with their lives later on. I have way to many friends that were dancers/cheerleaders and now struggle with their weight after having babies to claim its that good of a work out. You would need to do it allot for it to be enough of a calorie burn for weight loss. If you want to be competitive then its insane amounts of money. And there are other competitive things they could do for allot less. Plus its not that cute any more. Olivia and Addie were fun to watch but they are on the edge of it being adorable. And there is allot to be said about quiting while you are ahead. So I think we wont continue this next year and see how they feel about it if they miss it or if it was just fun while it lasted. I spent way way way too much on it and I do think its lame how expensive this stuff is. Like the older girls that are really into it spend close to 375 a month and that doesn't include costumes and recital fees. Freaking A. I am not against people that are into it. But it seems like if you do want to do it you have to "drink the koolaid" and be a part of a cult. There isn't really a healthy medium that I have seen. I just don't know that its for us.

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