Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Ok so I do find a certain type of parent annoying. Very annoying. The kind that name their kid something off the wall or hard to spell and think its uber cute that they did that. Um...NO people it just makes life harder for them. Andrew did this to a couple of our kids and I feel really bad for them. Then they are soo biased towards their child they don't realize that other kids are doing the same mediocre things their kids are and ITS NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL! And they always favor their children. Life is tuff people the sooner you help your kids realize they are part of a larger group and they need to fit in the easier life will be for them. One time we had our son on a soccer team. And this mom of a really un athletic kid kept yelling at the other boys because they were hogging the soccer ball and not giving her son a chance to kick it. I am the kind of mom that is like if you want that ball you have to go get it yourself. I can't hold your hand at school and make friends for you or talk to your boss when you get a real job and negotiate a promotion for my kids. ANNOYING! I hate those kinds of parents. Stop cutting the crust off of bread! Bread has crust tell you kids to DEAL WITH IT!! Well.....Olivia is exactly like these parents that I hate. Only her child in this case is a hamster. She thinks its the cutest,smartest,most perfect hamster ever and she is way into it. Its really a step up form the mice I kill off in the garage every year. Every morning she comes down and gives me the play by play of how she chewed her food. Like no Hamster could ever do it as cute or well as Analise. Do you love the name? She got her for her birthday and I didn't think she would live for very long so I have yet to blog about our new addition. You should try baby sitting for Olivia can't do enough for her little bundle of joy. I guess I should be glad that she loves her birthday present so much. I just am a little bitter that I am the only one that cleans out the cage right now. Ahhh the things we do for our kids.

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