Friday, June 17, 2011

Pets, Pets and more pets

I have already talked about how possessive Olivia is with her hamster. All the kids have been complaining that she never lets them hold the hamster ect. Dallin hit a couple of awesome home runs and we told him we would reward him. What he wanted was a pet lizard. I thought it would be no big deal but the initial set up is pretty expensive. By the time we got everything for his bearded dragon it was $225.00. Then the other kids had a fit and all wanted a pet too. I think the heat must have melted my brain cause I went with it. Most of the pets are fairly easy to take care of and I want them to learn how to take car of a pet. They have to earn the money for their food with chores. Just like a child they have to work to feed it and take care of it. If all goes well they will fail to make enough to feed their pets or not take care of them and then it dies and they think twice about having children cause they couldn't even handle a fish ect... I don't want them getting married and having kids too young (like me). Watch this whole thing back fire like most of my ideas do. Whatever I have good intentions!

Dallin got a lizard. Very sweet little guy. I have never and will never hold it. El Ferno

Derek got a mini dwarf hamster. It either bites you or plays dead. Please wear oven mittens when you handle Maximus.

Addie chose a fish. Cheap,very easy,cheap=My new favorite child. The fish is named petite princess. Its a male fish....
Olivia got some furniture for her pet and we still have Reggie our Family dog.

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