Friday, December 2, 2011

Addie cut her lip

I seriously feel like December is always the month for the "shit to hit the fan" as they say. Because it would be nice to have more money to enjoy the Holidays and support my Egg Nog obsession, it seems that too many things happen that take away that money. We already had car trouble that we had to dip into savings to fix. And then Addie hit her lip causing a nice Urgent Care co pay and prescription drug fee. Its not that we can not afford these things during any other month its just all the stuff we want to buy for the kids Christmas plus these expenses kinda chaps my hide. If you remember last year Olivia was in the ER on Christmas Eve for shoving a bead into her ear. So more than the money its just a bad time of the year to be that stressed and worried.
She has a round of antibiotics and some mouth wash to rinse with and that should be the worst if it. It does look terrible right??

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