Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Head Case

There are so many things I hate about parenting. Lord knows I didn't want this many kids. I find myself thinking due to that fact he might spare me by keeping my kids normal and mainstream. But no way. I got the head case little girl who cant feel her lip so decides to eat it out of shear curiosity for what it would feel like to gnaw on her own skin. Um... no thanks. She had a cavity filled and they numbed her mouth. I know they say watch them cause they have no feeling but my child takes it to the bipolar schizophrenia level and self mutilates. I of course couldnt handle it. There was blood dripping down her mouth and she would not stop chewing on her lip. (i cleaned up most of it for my "g" rated viewers) I tried everything, even druging her to go to sleep till the lip had feeling back in it. I ended up crying, pushing her forehead against mine and begging her to stop like a desperate crazy lady (I can get really dramatic in times where logic and restraint would help the most) Any way... Now its going to take FOREVER to heal (of course) and she will be screaming during all meal times until it does. I can see why soccer moms are the number one abusers of pain killers. When did I sign up for this? Wait I remember now. But I swear the sex wasnt that good. (at least not that night any way)

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