Thursday, September 25, 2008

Disney Land

We decided last minute to go to DisneyLand after Addie's birthday party. The drive was fine. We had portable dvd players. When we got there the kids were so excited and happy just to be in the hotel right then I knew it was worth it. Its very hard to take four kids. Two of which are too young to do very much. But we had aunt Net with us and she shined up any thing that might have caused us an ugly moment. Its not as magical for the parents. I remember going as a kid and it was very different. Especially as your paying a million dollars for a couple of hot dogs. Either way I think we needed a vacation and I know we made good memories. Andrew took most of the pictures. I hate taking pictures. I feel like it better to be in the moment making a memory then always posing. Then the memory is about posing all day for pictures. He comes from a family that does this sort of thing. So here are few of what he made us take.

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