Monday, September 23, 2013

Worst idea EVER!

Got really bored with the kids in school. I am looking into a second job but it has to be just right for my life so I can still be a mom. In the meantime I have been pretty bored. I found a piece of furniture on craigslist and thought refinishing it would be the perfect project. NOT!! I have painted furniture before but this was a whole new ballgame because I had to scrape off three layers of paint in order to paint it this time. I tried stripper but that made everything sticky and goopy so after that failed I decided to just scratch the paint off with a metal spatula. The tiny grooves and corners took sooo much time and it was hot in the garage so it was just awful. I hate the piece so much I was thinking about paying some one to come get it. But I knew Andrew would be pissed that I spent so much money on it and I had to follow through. I finally finished it and am happy with the result but I will never ever ever do a project like that again. I have no patience. I thought I had very little but this project exposed my complete lack of patience. Hopefully soon I can find a second job. Until then I will just keep going to lunch with my friends. Which is more about spending money than making it :/

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