Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Is Santa real or not?

This Christmas we had a real scare. Derek told me in the car while the other kids were at school that Olivia told him santa wasnt real and then showed him the toys in the garden shed that they had written that they wanted in their letters to Santa. I was freaking out. I couldnt put those toys out now and say they were from Santa. After school I picked the kids up and proceeded to lecture them about snooping around. I told them the toys were from me and their dad and they had to go back because they were nosey. Olivia slams her arms down and says "I knew you would get mad! We can't tell you anything". Dallin said "we are kids mom..of course we are going to play hide and seek in the garden shed." To which I reply " but the toys were in colored bags and on the highest shelf. Meaning you had to get them down and pull them out of the bags to see them." Dead silent all the way home. I was devastated and angry. I had to somehow redeem Santa for my little sweet Derek. He kept saying "I dont care what Livvy says I still believe" So Andrew and I came up with a plan to help Santa win this one and be the big dog again. We went to the pet store and bought a kitten. We placed her in a cute carrier on the front porch with a note from Santa. It said: Weeks Kids, I found Ashley hungry, sad and alone in the alley the other night. The elves are busy making toys. Mrs. Claus has come down with a cold, and I am double checking my naughty and nice list. We are all just too busy to take care of her right now. I have seen how well you guys take care of your other pets and I just knew she would be loved at your house. Please take extra special care of her. If you do a good job when I come back for Christmas to bring your toys I just might let you keep her. Love Santa BuhYA! We are back in business. They were freaking out. And any time the cat was gettin into trouble or needed her litter box cleaned we would remind them that Santa might take her back (now that Christmas is over Im bummed we cant use that threat any more). This morning he left her a stocking to show she was part of the family with treats inside and a birth certificate the kids had to each sign.

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Amber said...

Pure genius. :)