Tuesday, August 25, 2009

7 Years Old

Dallin turned 7 yesterday. The lucky boy went to Sea World and Chuck E Cheese to celebrate. He got some fun presents. Like night vision goggles. Super cool. I am thinking of 1000 night games I could use those for. He started school today and was happy which is good cause he started the summer dreading making new friends. We kept him in the 1st grade. He barely meets the cut off and I guess I was soo pregnant and potty training I needed him to go in early. But having done a bunch of research I found it way way way way way better for them to be the older one in the class. I mean the difference it makes is astronomical. You can argue with emotions but you cant change the numbers. Of course we think he is smart. In fact we think he is a genius. The problem is all the kids in his class have parents that think the same thing. So I guess that would make him pretty normal. So now we are left with the fact that kids need as much emotional intelligence as they do smarts. And he needs a boost of confidence. The good news is its a different state so he wont watch his peers move up and worry and its all different curriculum so he wont notice the difference. We made a mistake but its going to be all fixed this year. Unless your kid can explain the theory of evolution at age 4 you should probably help them out by keeping them in the grade level with the other super smart kids who really want to feel accepted.
I know he will do well. And it will only show more and more as the years pass.
O yeah and by the way Happy Birthday Big D. We love you.

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