Friday, February 3, 2012

Nasty Teeth

Addie all drugged up

Addie had to have a tooth removed from the bottom left hand side of her mouth. The cavity was too big so they pulled it. Naturally I had them knock her out cold for such an endeavor because she is already dramatic enough with out massive amounts of pain. The best part is when they gave her the stuff to drink she started to get really loopy and it was cracking me up. She would sing random Christmas songs, stand up and try to walk but get dizzy and fall over. It was as much fun as watching a drunk person...but because its my child and I wouldn't want her to drink I got to witness the next best thing.
After she was done they told me to get some food in her before she went home to sleep. So I got her some soft stuff at the store and was trying to help her eat it. Her mouth was numb so she was drooling and there was goober dripping down her chin. I was dry heaving so hard my stomach is still sore. I hated that part. It was so hard to help her cause I could handle the drool. Why doesn't any one tell you what to expect?

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