Saturday, April 23, 2011


Its official. Old people can SUCK THE LIFE out of anything! Even the most exciting thing to a child can become about as fun as getting an enema every day of the week when you have and old man host. This guy told the longest most boring stories and was so unable to see the kids excitement and just let them look around that I wish I had never gone. Olivia's playgroup has a couple of field trips during the school season and this was one of them. I thought Derek would go bonkers and be in heaven but Old Man Sucks Allot ruined any chance of that. I plan on buying tickets to ride the train during normal hours and make it up to him. At least we got in one round of ring around the rosies while he went to close some doors so it wasn't a whole loss. ... Still the kids were cute and it was fun to get together.

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