Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Since Addie started kinder and has been gone all day. Plus she has an independent streak and likes things to be done her way without help so I step back and avoid helping her with school work or reading. She is also very smart and analytical. I was goofing off on facebook while noodles were boiling on the stove. After the water fell over the top and made a big mess a couple of times she clapped her hands together and made this face like talking to me was painful and slowly (i think she talks slow to me cause she thinks I am that dumb) suggested I wait till the stove top doesn't have fire going before I play on facebook. Very good point but its intimidating and it makes me avoid her even more. When you factor in the post part um depression and her ability to cry for hours as a baby. I just felt like we have never bonded. When the trip to Kentucky this past December came up I thought instead of going alone I would take her and we could hang out and make up for lost time. I scheduled a photo shoot with my good friend from church in KY and thought it would just be perfect. Well she pretty much listened to Hanna Montana on my I-Pod the entire plane ride and when we got there preferred to hang out with the daughter of one of my sisters nurse friends. They are even pen pals now. I don't know that we grew closer but it was fun taking pics and watching her do her thing without the other kids around to distract me.

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