Monday, April 4, 2011

We got kicked out!

Our team killed the competition on Sat and were the number one seed going into round two on Sunday. Our first game was crazy. It started when Matthew hit a huge home run and Dallin hit a grounder so fast and hard that when it bounced off the ground it hit the first base men in the chest and he got really hurt. One of the moms from the other team came over and said to us that this is a JOKE we clearly have 12 year olds playing on our team. Dallin and a couple of other kids are actually huge for their age and since we didn't have a birth certificate on us we couldn't prove they are really eight. It was crazy! People were pissed! And I was ready to brawl. At one point one of our coaches almost went at it with the coach of another team. It was heated and these poor boys felt like they did somethig wrong. In the end the asked us to go home and parents refused to let us play the final two games fearing for the safety of their kids. To sum it up quickly you have white rich loosers who can't handle good competition. Which is weak cause thats how their kids get better and improve their game. I am going to copy and paste part of the e-mail Dallin's coach sent over. He is a very agressive coach and did an excellent job or recruiting kids for this team.

Coach Chavers
After our 15-3 victory over the Twins as I was leaving the field to talk to our players, the league president approached me and asked to speak to me after I address our players.
So, after speaking with the kids I went and spoke with him and the tournament director.

They had been receiving complaints about the safety of kids due to how hard our kids hit the ball and the level at which our kids play at. I explained to him just what I had told the tournament director when I signed our team up and the tournament director confirmed exactly that. He said he watched our entire game and based on our performance (which he acknowledged as being excellent) he and other board members had made the decision to not let us continue in the tournament. He felt we were National League level talent which is a good thing (Cedar Park, Round Rock and Town &Country all have two divisions, American and National, (D1 and D2 as sometimes referred) where they put their "higher level" players in the National (D1) and the remainder in American (D2) due to mere numbers of players) While at Sam Bass we have all the kids in one pool (7 teams) to select from)

Of course, this was not well received with me at that point and I argued the point. I explained to him that this is unfair to our kids who have been practicing upwards of 3 times a week since we began and are playing some good baseball. He agreed and it was at that point he conferred with the tournament director regarding the awarding of the championship trophies to our team because we were the "best team" there and it was evident. He also offered for us to play in the NL tournament on the weekend of April 30~May 1 and move our entry fee from this tournament to that one.

Although I did not like the idea, it was either get the trophies for the kids and let them know how well they did or get our money back and have nothing for the kids. I chose the trophies and to play again so the kids can show them who the best team is in a few weeks.

I firmly believe we can win the tournament on that weekend and we will have to work hard over the next few weeks to get even better. I did express the concerns I had with the parents of the Twins approaching our parents and the coach's from the other Indian team mouthing off to Tony over at first. He did go out and address those coach's who in turn go beat down by the Mets team (Karma perhaps?) He also stated he would address the parents of the twins. All in all these two individuals were very nice and commended our kids throughout this whole event.

So, make sure you tell the kids they were the Champions this weekend and I am proud for them. I am posting a picture on our website at Sam Bass for all to see of the kids displaying their trophies. PS don't worry about what is posted on the Cedar Park website in relation to how we finished, it is a mute point...WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!

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