Saturday, April 23, 2011

Field Trip

If you have been paying attention you would know Addie and are not as tight as I would like us to be. So when she came home and told me she wanted me to come with her on her field trip I was shocked. Lucky for me my sister Annette was there and heard the same thing. I couldn't miss an opportunity like that. But as soon as I drove up I knew I would hate it. They went to a farm. Right out the gates I saw this little girl in overalls and pig tails. The fact that her mother had to do that set me off on a bad foot. How freaking lame are some moms? Next are the smells. I am not high maintenance and I am not a germaphobe. But I wore a hat and sun glasses hoping to keep the smells from permeating my hair and eye balls or letting tiny little poo particles land on them. The snake room didn't have one single window and it stunk like belly button lint. I was begging Addie to hurry through the snake exhibit. The ostriches were really stinky too. If it gives me a point on the score board for showing up then I could really use one. But it was the longest day of my life.

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