Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Hair Cut

All the time we have people come up to us and go crazy over Derek's hair. I don't know what it is about red heads but they draw attention. Its ironic too cause I was just reading a Chelsea Lately book and she was talking about how ugly red heads are. I was laughing soooo hard cause they are ugly! Its very rare to find an attractive one. Alas the stars alligned and I gave birth to one. Knowing how vain I am god is trying to teach me a lesson. Either way my red head is really naughty and has a mean streak in him that would send Freddy Krueger running with his tail tucked between his legs. When these sweet little old ladies come up to say Hi and admire his hair I have to claw his arm to keep him from spitting in their face. The other day in line to buy tickets for the movies a gentleman who was also in line turned to speak with his wife and his cargo pant pocket brushed Derek's ear. With out hesitation Derek turned and swung as hard as he could at the man's groin. Lucky for me we live in Texas and people here like hard asses cause he just laughed it off (plus he was tall and derek missed his package by an inch or two). But Holy Crap that kid is ready to rumble at any given moment. I am sure it doesn't help that he is the youngest and has to be agressive to get his way, but still I am lucky he doesn't have criminal charges on his record at the ripe age of three. I thought it best to figure out a way to warn people and this mowhawk idea was all I could come up with. :/ Old people do stay away from him much more now but now the problem is I have these punk teenager skater dudes that are giving him high fives and telling him he looks cool and that isn't exactly the kind of role models I had in mind. O well at least he is a cute red head. At least I think he is.

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