Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Birthday Party

I basically avoided doing too much for Olivia the past 4 years and felt bad about it one night and vowed to make her 5th birthday a good one. I hate parties and planning them is like listening to small town folk talk about Me-Maw all day long and never get to a point. Painful! But I was like buck it up Camille you have had 4 years off so you can handle this. Bottom line------ I did NOT handle it but my sisters stepped in and it ended up going really well. Becka did all the decor and party favors and Annette ran around with a smile on her face. I took pictures and watched the clock. Combined effort= Awesome Party YO! She wanted a petting zoo so I called this guy up and got the ball rolling I received very little paper work or communication and was worried it would be ghetto but it worked out just fine. The one guy in the big cage didn't speak a lick of English. That's ok though.. cause he was very upset when the boys were throwing the baby chicks in the air trying to teach them how to fly. I know enough about Spanish to tell you what he was saying is not "kid friendly". The Pony was super cute and each kid got to ride her like 4 times. There was a weight limit so that's why you wont see a pic of me on Cinnamon. After all that work at the gym to have some one say that to me. Yeah it HURTS!... but I don't want to talk about that right now.

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Rachel said...

Holy crap! I thought Noelle's party was cool and then you had to go and out-do us. Good thing we don't live close enough for our kids to compare parties. Looks like it was a fun time. I'll be sure NOT to tell Noelle how cool it was, because I know I can't deliver this kind of event.